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Refund Policy

1. If insufficient enrollment causes a class to be cancelled, notification will be given and full tuition refunded, or a credit will be given for future use.(The Bristol Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine classes or change instructors.)

2. Medical conditions verified by a physician's letter will be honored and full tuition refunded or a credit will be given for future use.

3. Persons canceling out of a program, other than Summer Fun, Swim Lessons or the Winter Swim Team, prior to the start date will receive a credit in the full amount of the program cost. This credit may be used toward any future Parks and Recreation Department program.

4. Persons canceling out of the Summer Fun Program prior to the start of the session will receive a credit less the cost of the field trips. Example: Summer Fun is $100.00 per week. $50.00 is used to cover the cost of the bowling field trip, the weekly field trip and busing. A credit in the amount of $50.00 will be issued. (No credit will be issued after the start date of the program.)  

5. Persons choosing to cancel out of the Winter Swim Team up to two weeks after the season starts will receive a 50% refund, not including the pool membership.

6. Bus trips, i.e. Radio City, Baseball Games: No refunds are available unless canceled by the venue. 7. With the exception of Winter Swim Team, no refunds or credits are given after a program begins.